Frequently Asked Questions

school reopening 2021-2022

Will all students be in person in the fall? Will we attend every day?

Yes! According to the Chancellor and the Mayor, all students will attend in person five days per week. There will be no blended or remote option.

Will social distancing continue? How many students will be in a classroom?

Social distancing will continue according to CDC guidelines. As of May 24, 3 feet of distance between students, but that may change by September. This means we will have normal or close-to-normal numbers of students in each room (generally 25-30 students per class).

Will we still wear masks?

As of May 24, 2021 yes. All students and staff, even if you are vaccinated, must continue to wear masks until we get updated guidance.

Is everyone required to get vaccinated?

As of now, vaccines are NOT required. However, we are strongly encouraging everyone to get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible. As of September, over 85% of UASLE staff are already fully vaccinated, as are many of our students. If you need help finding a vaccine site, visit .

What if I have a problem with Jupiter?

Email Ms. Norman to reset password or fix your Jupiter account.

What if I have a problem with my email account?

Email Ms. Norman to reset password or fix your UASCJ email account.

What if I need a UASLE LAPTOP?

Let your advisor know.

I need help with my DOE device.

Let your advisor know.

How do I get working papers?

Stop by Ms. Franqui or Ms. Villavicencio office to pick up an application.

What if I have an issue with my schedule?

Let Ms. Moller know.