About Us

Our mission  

The Urban Assembly School for Leadership and Empowerment seeks to prepare young female, transgender, and non-binary students for success in college and career.  We provide an academically rigorous curriculum that reflects the core set of knowledge and skills necessary for students to become culturally literate problem solvers, capable of becoming leaders in their local and global community. Embracing the theme of empowerment through social equity and activism, we develop our students into critical thinkers who rely on evidence, logic, and sound reasoning to formulate ideas and to support them. Our school, in collaboration with community stakeholders, supports students as they transition into adulthood in an environment which fosters the emotional, physical and intellectual growth necessary for post- secondary independence.

School Students Working in the science lab

Our motto

We rise by lifting others.

UASLE Core Values

In order to serve as leaders and work towards empowering ourselves and others, we believe it is critical that all members of our community live into these core values: Integrity, Inclusion, Advocacy, and Empathy

A group of students presenting at the front of a classroom

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