School Culture Core

At UASLE, we are committed to four CORE values: Community, Organization, Rigor and Evidence. These values allow us to remain focused on the goal of college success. We believe that these values support students' academic growth, as well as our social commitment to justice and truth.

Multiple hands with a word community in the center


  • Respect everyone and everything in your home, your school and in your community.

  • Apply what you learn to make the world a better place.

Multiple color crayons well organized


  • Have clear expectations.

  • Be neat and organized with your studies and your life.

An apple on the top of a pile of 4 books


  • Challenge yourself.

  • Make connection.

  • Focus on your work

fingerprint with magnifying glass presenting evidence


  • Use logic and reason to support your ideas.

  • Ask questions and then ask more questions.