What Sets Us Apart?


When students are asked to reflect on their school, a common refrain is that they feel a greater sense of community and feel free to be themselves. Our students graduate from UASLE with a greater sense of self and purpose, complete with the self-confidence and self-knowledge necessary for post-secondary success.


A major benefit of this small, familial environment is the certainty that all staff truly know all students. Frequent communication and collaboration between teachers and parents ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding students’ needs and progress.

UASLE offers a monthly Parent Newsletter that contains school news, upcoming school events, and important dates as well as student and family opportunities.

In addition, parents enthusiastically attend school events to support the achievements of their children and school community.


At UASLE, we know that to receive admissions to college with minimal debt, extra curricular activities matter. In collaboration with NIA our SONYC partner, we offer at least 10 clubs a semester including:

  • Girls Generation

  • Good Will Club

  • Kickboxing

  • Student Council

  • Newspaper

  • Drama Club

  • Soccer

  • Flag Football

  • Basketball

  • ESL Mentors Club