School History

The Urban Assembly School for Leadership and Empowerment opened in September 2007 as an all-girls’, growing 6-12 school in Borough Park, Brooklyn named The Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice. In September 2013 we reached capacity with approximately 500 students. The Class of 2014, our founding class, graduated in June 2014 with a 95% graduation rate. In 2020, we renamed our school to more closely align with our school's mission and values.

Our school was founded with the belief that by providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills, our students will be college and career ready. With the support of our parent organization, The Urban Assembly, we continue to expose our students to a rigorous academic program and enrichment opportunities. More recently, we celebrated a 97% graduation rate with the class of 2022.

School Building

Celebrating over 15 years of excellence!