UASLE offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum. In middle school, we provided students to make sure that they have the skills and knowledge to complete challenging, college-ready work in high school. And once in high school, our students are expected to earn the credits and pass the exams necessary for an Advanced Regents diploma. Thus, courses at the Urban Assembly School for Leadership and Empowerment provide students with the skills they will need to be successful in college.


During the middle school years, the focus is on developing the habits and skills that students need to progress academically. In addition to teaching relevant and fundamental units of study, teachers at UASLE also concentrate on organizational and study skills, writing skills and social-emotional development. In our middle school, we infuse our belief that learning takes place everywhere; therefore, we take our students on many educational outings to museums, concerts and sporting events. Overnight trips begin in 7th grade with a 1-night trip to Philadelphia or Washington, D.C.


At UASLE we provide all students with the programming and curricular opportunities to earn an Advanced Regents diploma. All our students will take 4 years of English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Believing that college success requires a strong academic background especially in the math and sciences, we provide additional supports and opportunities in these areas including Creative Problem Solving and Math Lab. We also offer AP courses during school hours, and College NOW courses at the New York City College of Technology campus.