The mission of Urban Assembly School of Leadership and Empowerment counselors is to provide a comprehensive developmental counseling program for all students 6th-12th.  Urban Assembly School of Leadership and Empowerment Counselor provides equitable access to maximize academic achievement, to foster personal and emotional growth, and to facilitate career development in partnership with parents, guardians and all members of the school community.  We are key stakeholders in a collaborative effort to provide a safe and supportive environment academically, physically and emotionally. Advocacy, leadership, collaboration, and systemic change are the framework of the Urban Assembly School for Leadership and Empowerment counseling program. Our mission is to inspire all students to develop their individual potential to become life-long learners becoming leaders in their local and global community.

Guidance Team 

Ms. Villavicencio School Counselor Grades: 8,9,10

Ms. Olivacce Social Worker 6,7,11,12

Ms. Franqui College Counselor 

As we work together, please know the UASLE administration, teachers, school counselors, and staff are here to support student learning.

Learning at UASLE

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